Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Day 2 (4)

Enjoyed fruit w/ cottage cheese out on the deck while boys got in pool.

A dragonfly hung out nearby on a while item gardenia bloom.

Got an anniversary card from Mom who made clever use of the cutout feature. 

Love means making the perfect grilled cheese but not being able to eat it.

Day 2
4th #100happydays

Monday, June 29, 2015

Day 1 (4)

Improvised a swim cap for Cyrus so his semi - permanent blue hair wouldn't fade again (he is a but of a prima donna about it & begged me to re-dye it the last time it faded after the swimming). Stew got in the pool for first time this summer.

Started 2nd granny square.

Appreciated the dogs curled up at my feet in the shade.

Stew and Wiley went out and did the bulk of the shopping for the week to come. Yay!

Day 1
4th #100happydays

Summer! & Another #100happydays

Just a quick note to say Hello and to say that I am going to start a new #100happydays.  It will be the fourth time I've done one, and while each time I have started one hasn't been back - to - back,  by the end of this 4th go, it will still end up being over 365 days of documenting happy things, so that is cool. It has actually been over a year since I first started it, chronologically, which was in March 2014, but I took breaks in between so it has only been 300 days total.

Here is my bulleted list recap of things that made me happy this 3rd round through (the things in bold have popped up repeatedly in each round): 

  • Cleaning/organization projects completed
  • Crochet & completed crochet projects
  • Walking / Jogging 
  • Peaceful family time / Family Movies /  Family Reading
  • Kids doing good in school
  • Cool looking cloud / sky vistas
  • Reading library books / ebooks
  • Watching shows with Stew
  • Getting pool up and going
  • Summer clothes & flip flops / sandals
  • Flowers / things growing
  • Yummy healthy low carb meals
  • Fuzzy puppies that are only here to visit or are at other people's houses 
  • clouds / sky
  • Mowing lawn or having lawn mowed
  • Boys (and Stew) being good / cute / nice
  • colors / patterns in clothing
  • Low stress outdoorsy Scout activities
  • Iowa things
  • Treaty sweets / chinese / Mexican / DQ
  • Getting to see long-distance family
  • Nostalgia / memorabilia
  • Old friends
  • Making comfort foods or specialties

1st round recap: July 2014

2nd round recap: March 2015

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Day 100

Saturday was our 17th Anniversary! This fall we will have been "together" 20 years. Wow, half our lives!  I have a framed picture of us as "kids" from '96 in my happy corner.

He looked up what the traditional present is for 17 years and it is furniture, so I hinted at bungy chairs like we'd seen at cousin-in-law's last weekend. And he added in a body pillow too. 

Day 100
3rd #100happydays

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Day 99

New found taste for plain yogurt w/ added fresh fruit.

Felt like crocheting something so started a granny square with crazy colors. May make a pile of these to use up odd ends of my yarn stash. 

Day 99
3rd #100happydays