Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Winter Capsule Wardrobe Challenge Intro

A few days ago Franca posted a little video introducing the pieces she selected for this year's Winter Capsule Wardrobe Challenge (I did last year's challenge too), and since I've been a little busy-video-bee lately, I thought I'd be a big copy-cat and do the same. I've got little "what I wore" clips recorded for each day so far, but I'll play catch-up with those tomorrow-- or might wait to do a montage at the end of the challenge.

Now, prepare to be put to sleep by my lulling lady-of-leisure drawl and try not to judge me for my trailer-posh mispronunciations and/or genuine over-interest / enthusiasm in clothing...

Ten main items (all thrifted or gifted):
- brown cords
- Ms Interpret blouse
- floral blouse
- framed picture print blouse
- black t-shirt
- denim snap-front skirt
- corduroy patchwork skirt
- pinstripe skirt
- Vans
- black boots

5 accessories (all thrifted):
- 4 belts
- black crochet bag

Outwear that doesn't count (all thrifted/secondhand):
- knit cap
- vest
- black hoodie


  1. Awesome capsule picks. "Like packing for a vacation at my house" it!! You are too funny. Can't wait to see the daily video wardrobe posts. Love you.

    1. Thanks dear. Love & hugs your way too. I'm feeling better but haven't run yet. Ack. Maybe tomorrow morning...

      The daily wardrobe posts probably won't be too exciting, just me walking by the camera. Maybe I'll try to juggle in one or something.

  2. oooh! i might join in this. one week shouldn't be too bad. i tried something like this for a month but got sick of the same things when i saw allllll my bajillion other clothes scattered everywhere, just tempting me.

    1. Right, I think a month would be hard. Unless you could pack a bag and then lock your closet or something.

  3. I like your style! I have a pair of bad ass boots, too. Old steel tip docs that lace up that were given to me. I love them!

    1. Thanks for your comment! Just added your blog to my reader. Lace-up steel-tip Docs would be awesome.

  4. Mine will be a Friday sometime montage...hard to work and keep up with daily posting. I really like the top with the framed paintings and the patchwork skirt. I'll be curious to see what you come up with.