Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Bad Things, like TV Binges & Slog Reading

So we finished Orange is the New Black this past weekend.  It was good and went too fast.  I kinda miss those prison bitches.  But now we're on to something new.  Well actually it's old, one of those shows that everyone was watching like 6 years ago... True Blood (thanks Cathy).  

I've read all but 1.5 of the 13 book series the show is based on, and despite various library books I keep checking out to read instead, I do plan on finishing the book series one of these days.  It's just, the story line / characters / writing don't pull me in as much as they used to.  Like the author ran out of steam after say, about the time the series started up.

Anyway, I'd always held a bit of disdain for the show, not really wanting to watch it but having caught a few snippets of it here and there over the years and being all "what? that's totally not like the book at all!" hoity toity about it.  Also I never thought Anna P. was a good fit for Sookie.  As I imagined her, Sookie was taller and willowier, with a longer face and blonder hair.  In my head she looked like Suzanne Sommers' Chrissy in Three's Company.  

However, having started watching the series the other night, I'm now hooked.  It's making me want to reread the first few books again.  When the story was still fresh and interesting. Also it's been so long since I've read them that I've forgotten the "who dunnit" and some of the little details like how  long so-and-so lived or what that person should look like, etc.   Anna P. isn't bugging me either, I think she's doing a good job actually.  Stew doesn't buy the chemistry between her and Vampire Bill (he thinks the bartender Sam is cuter), but I can see it.  It's not that I'd call Bill hawt per se, but he does have that broody conflicted romantic southern gentleman thing going for him.  

And lastly, like Orange/Black, True Blood has good music.  The dark bluesy theme song, "Bad Things", is by Jace Everett, a country singer, and was released on an album a few years before the show (vs. being written specifically for the show like Spektor's song for Orange/Black). 

Apparently there have been a few True Blood soundtrack albums released too, which I might check out at some point.  Because similar to Weeds, there is typically an interesting/reflective song played during the closing credits.  This site appears to try to list out each of the individual songs played throughout episodes.

During my research I saw that HBO has approved a 7th season for 2014.  So people must still be watching? I wonder if it has gone downhill though?  Seems like most series that go that long lose quite a few watchers along the way.  I'm thinking of Lost, which we powered our way through earlier this year but had heard that many actual then-viewers gave up on it half way through.  In this new age of being able to watch whole seasons/series at a time, it is a lot easier for late adopters like us to forgive a rotten apple of a show/year to forge ahead and see if the next one doesn't get better.

However, with a book series, forgiveness is a little more difficult, at least for me. That's where I'm at right now.  I want to finish the series out, but lack of interest is putting the idea of actually sitting down to finish the 12th book pretty low on my list right now.  Probably it will come down to scheduling an hour of reading a day in order to slog through it until I get close enough to the end to late night finish it.  But those pesky library books keep budging their way ahead in line...

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  1. Love True Blood. Never read the books but we have been hooked on the series since about the 2nd year. Granted, after season one when the vampires are still mysterious and scary, I think it loses a lot of it's interesting-ness but still. I LOVE it. I am completely up to date on the current season.

    Plus, I have two of the soundtracks (volumes 1 and 4). Fabulous music. Did you know that each episode is named after a song? I love that. My favourite songs: Lake Charles (Lucinda Williams), Just Like Heaven (Watson Twins), The Golden State (Kathleen Edwards and John Doe and The Sun (The Naked and Famous). Just in case you were curious.

    Tell Stew that Bill grows on you.