Wednesday, August 14, 2013

All That Jazz

A cold front moved in overnight so I've got the windows open, airing out the house today (earlier this week it was the car's turn, must be something in the air).

There is a nice cool breeze and w/o AC the house is staying at 76F, a degree cooler that we had it set for.  So I'm moving about the house trying to shake things out / straighten things up, but also getting back upstairs  at times, accessing the state of affairs up there too.

Here is a test shot of my upstairs studio backdrop. Doesn't that sound fancy?

I think those dresses have been hanging there a week.  I could probably check the timestamp on the photo but who cares really.

As far as the backdrop goes, looks like I need to pin out the wrinkles in the upper right corner, otherwise looks OK for first go.  That was shot with natural light at like 10 am.
Featured are three dresses from one of my favorite 90s brands, All That Jazz "A Chorus Line Company."  I think it was a department store Juniors' Dresses label.  Actually I just googled and was surprised to find this Company History write up.  I've only skimmed it so far but it reminds me of the kind of research papers I had to write when I was getting my undergraduate degree.  It does sound like the late 90s were the heyday for the company.  Another point of note is that these dresses typically sold for $50 - $80 and were styled as "casual, silhouette-conscious dresses."

Usually when you google clothing labels all you get are eBay and etsy listings... so it's rare to find information about the manufacturer or designer, at least with any detail.  I'll probably go back and read more later.  Speaking of etsy, here is a cute All That Jazz dress that looks like it was made in the 80s... which is possible because I think the company started in 1975 (good year).  It's deadstock hang tag shows it was sold for $39.99 before being marked down twice, to $14.99.  Here's another.
Even though it is a crumpled mess here, I've always loved the fit and length of the strawberry sundress and just unearthed the black & white floral and red burnout (?) heart print from my thrifted vintage collection.  The b/w floral actually fits now, so I hope to wear that, and the other two, before summer is over.

I've always liked the typeface/logo of the clothing label.  The red dress was made in the USA.

The strawberry dress was made in UAE.

And the b/w floral was made in Mexico.

Oh and I just remembered.  I have one more All That Jazz dress in my collection too.  It is a recently thrifted one, or at least within the last couple years, but I've yet to wear it.  From the label and styling I'd say it was 80s does 50s.  Last time I tried it on it was pretty snug across the bust, go figure.  It isn't like I'm busty, but Juniors dresses are probably sized to less "mature" more girlish figures.  I might be able to swing it for a night, though the large floral is a tad louder than I've been wearing lately.  However I did just see in a library copy of Glamour that florals on dark backgrounds are on trend for Fall.  What do you think?

 The criss-cross & cut-out on the back is cute but hard to hide a bra strap behind.  The one low back bustier I have works, but isn't perfect. If I don't end up selling it, possibly I could repurpose this as a skirt.  It's already got that waistline zip and hidden side pockets!

 Here's the 80s label.  It was made in the USA.


  1. I'm still a fan of little floral dresses.....and the labels of All that Jazz are cute. I hear you on the bust issue of younger woman clothes....the bust in the dress though technically should fit mine; is typically placed...ahem....HIGHER than my bust.

  2. I LOVE ALL THAT JAZZ DRESSES! Always the best score at the thriftstore!