Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Caffeine Crush

This is not a sponsored post, I've just enjoying drinking green tea lately and thought I'd share.  My favorite, mostly because of lack of trial or selection, is Bigelow's Green Tea with Pomegranate.  But the box and individually wrapped bags are pretty too.  I like the bright green packaging.  The box is 100% Recyclable. I read that on their web site, which has a FAQ that contains questions I'd never would have thought to have asked.
I started drinking green tea several months ago due to it's touted weight maintenance (fat burning? digestive aid?) abilities. As I've been fairly successful at maintaining my weight (within a 5 - 10 lb range), it's certainly possible the tea is a contributing factor.  One thing for sure that it's helped me with, is the reduction the amount of caffeine I'm consuming per day.  At one point I was drinking 3 - 4 cups of coffee a morning.  However I started realizing that much caffeine might be cause for negative side effects, in my case, increased irritability and headaches.   Now I'm down to 1 - 2 cups.  More like 1.5 I guess, as I usually end up dumping out the tail end of the second cup.  Then I switch to the green tea, which is lighter in flavor, and has lower caffeine.  

One mug about mid-morning is a nice pick-me-up, and then sometimes I'll brew a second to chill for a cool and refreshing afternoon drink.  Such as to replace a glass of diet soda.  

So I guess I'm a tea drinker now.  Except even before this green tea phase, I was all about herbal tea.  However it's been forever since I've made an herbal home brew, and I'm not entirely sure why.  Just fell out of habit.  Should probably dig out my stored dry herbs and see if there is anything growing on them.  I'm sure their vitality declines the longer you store them?  Maybe I'll make a jug and see if it tastes funny (or makes me feel funny).  Which reminds me, I still want to try brewing my own beer some day.    

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