Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Fred Gets Clean(er)

Sunday night I left all the windows open in Fred, our '99 'Burban and apparently it rained hard at some point during the night.  I didn't take any pictures of the beads of water dripping down the insides of the doors, or the so-wet-it-was-dark seat fabric, but you can imagine.  Oh wait, later I found the ashtrays (sign of an old car) were full of water, see?
As back story, this car(truck?) started out as a very "as is" downgrade from our previous ride.  We went into it knowing the previous previous owners had pretty much trashed the inside, because there were all kinds of nasty kid type stains and random stickers on the sideboards, etc. And we were fine with that, as it's basically our trashy kid / family vehicle now too, and we got it via my father-in-law who had vouched for its otherwise not-bad-for-an-old-car condition.  So what if it looks like coffee was spilled all over up front, and chocolate milk shakes all over in back?

However, as I got to pulling things out to dry, and getting my face up in the nitty gritties, I was grossed out by stuff like old bandaids and petrified french fries and melted crayons / raisins / gum / candy?  Bleh.  I mean, I have a fairly high mess tolerance, but ew...

So I took it upon myself to use the "rain wash" as a prompt give 'ole Fred a good airing out & cleaning.  Luckily it was super hot and sunny again yesterday morning, and after an hour or so with everything thrown wide open, it had started to dry out somewhat.  So what if that meant a few Green June Bugs flew in and hung out for a while, I think I got them all later.  *Crosses fingers*  This is also the car/truck I was driving home from the grocery store earlier this summer and stone cold kept on the road despite looking down to see a huge f*ing spider on the steering wheel.  Shivers.
After airing it out, I enlisted the boys to help drag our accumulated boy clutter out of there (by virtue of sticker & bandaid types, plus, like, barrettes- I'd say previous owners had girls).  Then I wrangled Wiley to stick around for a bit, helping with the wet/dry vacuum.
 I'm glad he was willing to help because what I haven't mentioned yet, and is primarily the reason I'm posting this at all, is the fact that cleaning out cars in one of my least favorite things to do ever.  I'm sure nobody really LIKES to clean out cars, but I'd guess there are select people who don't mind it or god forbid find it relaxing.  Like our neighbors across the street who seem to clean/wash their cars every weekend.  Oh and the neighbor on the street behind us, who also appear to be cleaning their cars all the time, but this past Sunday that his vehicle's windows/doors open all day and I was like WTF is that dude doing?  I totally get it now!

I mean I still HATE doing it, but sometimes you can't avoid it, and in the end, hours later, when you are covered with sweat and splattered wet/dry vac juice, well... you feel like you've actually accomplished something!

And some of it wasn't bad, like I got to listen to the XM radio.  And the random / gross discoveries where amusing.  Also a few times I'd be laughing at myself because it was so hot I'd decided to dare wearing a button-up tank top over my bikini top, with the shortest swim shorts I own.  So with the sweat dripping and the bending/stretching/spraying/wiping, a couple times it felt like a low-rent porno production.  Excuse me m'am, need help buffing your dash?

Ha ha anyway, proof of trashy short shorts car wash outfit can be seen in the mirror below.   In which I also document the next mess I need to tackle... my poor closet.
But back to Fred, who I've decided IS a truck and not a car, will get his first post-clean cruise later today when we hit up the library.  Then this weekend we'll entrust him to get us safely there & back from a 3-hours-west-almost-to-mountains Cub Scout overnight field trip.  At least if we break down we'll be sitting on the side of the road surrounded by less crumbs/goo and more "New Car Scent."  

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