Friday, August 09, 2013

Hardest selfie ever...

... but felt soooo good!

Yesterday was one of those days where everyone was getting on each other's nerves.  Just that time of summer when you start feeling cooped up.  The pool no longer holds its allure.  Mowing the lawn feels like more of a chore than usual.  A second day upstairs sweating & sorting was no longer enticing.  Laundry and dishes had piled up.  Brain rot time in front of screens ran overtime.  For all of us- that damn youtube playlist started out with only 10 vids and kept on growing to 20+ as I remembered other songs while drafting the post, so it took way longer to do than I'd originally sat down for.

All of a sudden it was lunch time and my energy was sapped low and the kids were crabby too.  "Make Your Own Sandwich" as a summer lunch activity isn't as much fun for them anymore, especially when the cupboards are running bare.  We all managed to eat something but then instead of our usual post-meal "quiet time" followed by outside activities, they started running circles in the house & bouncing off the walls (literally).

I'd already yelled & barked enough for one morning so I retreated to my room and locked the door.  Sometimes removing myself from the situation is all it takes for things to calm down.  There is usually 5 - 10 minutes of fighting/squabbling/unruliness that continues to ensue, carrying through the walls and pulling on my last nerve.  But if I wait it out, possibly ignoring one or two knocks at the door, or a few "MooOOoom! so-and-so keeps doing this, make them stop!" eventually it starts to die down.  As if they finally realize a little self-control can be a good thing.  Giving themselves their own little time-outs followed by resignedly finding their own stuff to do, going out to ride bikes, or asking each other nicely to play a board game or help print out coloring pages.

Usually it's okay to come out from hiding after a short period of this slightly calmed down independent play, and try to go on with the day with better attitudes all around.  Sometimes it doesn't work and they are back at my heels the minute I emerge.  Yesterday was like that. I wasn't able to get anything done, but I couldn't catch a break either.  Crabby x100.  I retreated several times throughout the afternoon, finally snagging a quick shower hoping it would make me feel better.  But then I changed clothes at least 3 times, frazzled by "nothing to wear" despite (or because) having too much to wear.

Eventually I came out to relative peace, to find Wiley in the kitchen helping himself to some cucumber.  I convinced him to help me unload and load the dishwasher.  As he was doing that Milo popped over from coloring at the table, pointing to the remaining cut cucumber slices and asking "What are those? Aren't those supposed to go on your eyes?"  I chuckled, grabbed a couple and tried getting them to stay over my eyes.  He laughed.  Then Wiley laughed.  And Cyrus came to see what was going on.  It's hard to keep cucumber slices over your eyes, especially while upright and laughing.

So then I sat down, leaning back a little and tried again. Ahhhh!  It was then that I realized how nice the cool slimy slices felt.  And figured out that in order for them to stay there feeling good, you have to completely relax your face.  No wonder it's a spa treatment!   My bliss was short lived because soon I heard Wiley come up in front of me, with giggles behind him, and by peeking around the edges of the slices I could make out that he was trying to get a picture of me, using my phone.  I tried to play along but my face had tensed up again and between his shaky hands and the slip sliding slices, his two shots came out blurry/awkward.
Almost look like my mom here, something in the angle of nose-tip/cheekbone?
And maybe because she wears glasses?  ha
By then the novelty of a funny looking mom had worn off and they'd gone back to being semi-self-entertained.  But now I had a mission.  I was going to get an in focus shot of my fleeting but blissful new-to-me relaxation technique if it killed me damn it!  Thusly stumbling upon one off the hardest to take selfies in modern history.

However it did require that I retreat back to my room, and lie back on a pillow, so it wasn't too bad after all.  Even with the slices getting increasingly slimy and errant seeds making their way to my forehead and shoulders, the cooling soothing feel on a relaxed face won out over the frustration at blurriness / out-of-frame / unflattering retakes.

So then I tweeted it, and now I'm blogging it, and next is moving on.  To getting off the computer.  To having a better day.  To less selfish parenting. To happy house / yard work. To errands and distractions. To sneaking in creativity and laughs.

But also, here's to saving a couple cucumber slices, just in case...

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