Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Popular Hat

This hat has been a good friend of mine this summer, and quickly becoming a crowd favorite too.  If by crowd you'll consider 3 - 4 compliments from strangers within the last two weekends.  
It's a simple crochet raffia sun hat, that Stew believes to be at least 15 years old since we bought it together and he wore it originally.  So it is fairly beat up and weathered, more of a gray color in spots than black.  

This summer when I got it out of storage I had to pull out some of the rim's inner plastic piping because it had broken and was sticking out.  I hot glued the end back into place and also patched up a hole at the base of the brim using a needle and thread.  
The black felt & button flower had been pinned that way last summer, and is one I got as a freebie in a vintage dress order I received from Frecklewonder (Wonder what she is up to these days?  I think when she dropped offline it was to go back to school for nursing?  Seems like a lot of people are doing that these days.  Both dropping offline and/or taking up nursing).  

I added the orange flower a few weeks into this summer, to match my orange flip flops (now retired to mere house slippers).  The orange flower was a shoe clip flower from last summer, which I never ended up clipping on a shoe, because while I can dig flowers on my head, I can't really get behind flowers on my feet.  

Maybe it's the flowers that are the appeal?  Or the floppiness?  I like that it is both functional and looks good with nasty yard work clothes, swim suit cover-ups and out-n-about in matchy matchy orange/black ensembles.  
Even though it's only 10+ years old, possibly it holds a bit of vintage appeal though too?  Maybe 60s or 70s flower child?  Because admittedly, the admirers have been of the vintage variety too, older gentlemen and ladies that hang out at Lowe's Home Improvement stores.  

I'll be sad when it gets too beat-up to repair.  But- since it is crochet, I've had in mind it would be fun to try to recreate some day too.  See, here is a pattern for a similar shaped hat.  Right now I'm taking a crochet break, trying to get all my craft supplies / studio sorted out before I start on any new craft projects really, however I do plan on getting back into crochet, possibly once school starts back up again (11 days!)... 

Anyway, because the hat may not survive too many more summers, I thought I'd give it a place to shine here in blog land.  Also I'm doing this new thing, where when I take pictures thinking to myself "maybe I'll blog this" - I do this novel thing where I actually follow through and upload/blog.  OK, maybe it is a few days later, but still.  

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