Thursday, August 08, 2013

Summer Music Drought

My music appreciation time takes a big nose dive over the summer.  Not that the boys don't like listening to music, they were asking me to make another "dance video" yesterday, but I like digesting music best when it is accompanied by absolute silence.  Or turned up loud in the car to drown out background noise.  Either way, I haven't had a lot of listening opportunities this summer.  :(

Plus, when I have tuned in to my XM channels or online streams, I haven't really even heard anything new and fun.  It seems like there has been a drought of new music this summer, at least for me.  I keep hearing the same old stuff over and over which gets irritating, even if I used to like the songs before. :(

But this past week I think I basically started to have music withdrawals, so I've been trying to squeeze in music here and there when I can throughout the day.  Either a few handpicked songs played loudly from the computer during lunch clean up, or Spotify's "radio" blasted through a tiny tinny sounding audio jack speaker attached to my phone while working upstairs, or straight-up zoning out with headphones on to catch a few online radio streams while making dinner (I need to get some of those big phat DJ noise silencer ones to hook to my phone).  

After a few days of forced listening, I'm still feeling a lack of new-to-me good music, but there have been a handful tunes that have stuck with me.  Some of them are ones that I seriously DID NOT LIKE when I first heard them, but during the drought have grown on me,and there are couple older ones in there too that just have a summer vibe for me, or are ones that if I hear on the radio I don't immediately change the channel or anything. You see what I mean about ho hum, slim pickings?

Anyway, I made a 25 song playlist on youtube and have embedded it here.  Or if no time to listen/scroll through the videos, the individual songs are listed (with my comments) below the video player.  

What about y'all?  Any new music discoveries this summer?  Recommendations?  Critiques?  Any bands/songs that just give you the willies?  (For me, that would be Foo Fighters. *skin crawls*  They are a surefire song skipper for me, not sure why, just something in their sound bugs me.  Vampire Weekend is a close second, but surprisingly I've included one of their songs below.)

Lorde - Royals (US Version) - haven't heard any of her other stuff yet but like this one
 Vampire Weekend - Ya Hey (Official Lyrics Video) - really don't like Vampire Weekend otherwise
 PIXIES - BAGBOY - not liking the spoken word parts but the chorus is sticky
 San Cisco - Beach - slower tempo one I have liked this one since spring time
 Parquet Courts - Borrowed Time -  meh, sorta OK due to slim pickings
 Small Black - No Stranger - like the semi-80s vibe
 Neon Trees - Animal - this one is older but I heard it on Spotify radio and liked it
 Daft Punk ft. Panda Bear - Doin' It Right  - one of those that I DID NOT LIKE at first... the Daft Punk I remember falling for is Around The World from 1997... but then these newer songs started growing on me
Regina Spektor - You've Got Time [Official Audio] - linked to this one before, catchy theme song from Orange is the New Black which we binge watched and liked
 Parquet Courts - Stoned And Starving (Live on KEXP) - sort of another meh slim pickings choice but I like this one better than that one by them earlier in the list
 Daft Punk - Get Lucky (Official Audio) ft. Pharrell Williams - I like this one better than Doin' It Right
 Make It To Me by Manchester Orchestra Feat. GROUPLOVE - one that was stuck in my head this past spring and only figured out what it was in June
 Bastille - Pompeii - sort of catchy pop song, but it's starting to get old
Surfer Blood 'Swim' [Official Video] - actually I have mixed feelings about liking this band's music after hearing the singer has been busted for domestic abuse
 Atlas Genius - If So (Official Audio) - like this one better than the song of their's that got overplayed before
 Icona Pop - I Love It (feat. Charli XCX) [OFFICIAL VIDEO] - just another catchy pop song, still digging You Ha Ha Ha by Charlie XCX too
Said The Whale - "I Love You"  -  cute newer one I've heard
Surfer Blood - Demon Dance [Official Video] - off their latest album, still mixed feelings
POLICA - Amongster (Official Music Video) - had this album a while now but this song recently hooked me
Beach Fossils - Clash The Truth - also from a new album
Cayucas - High School Lover - another from spring time but still sticky in my head
Kodaline - All I Want - weird ass video but anthem-y song, band from Ireland
Poliça - Tiff (featuring Justin Vernon) - nice dark beat and lyrics
Metric - Help I'm Alive (Album Version) - "they're gonna eat me alive" and "heart beating like a hammer" are stuck-home-with-boys lyrics if I've ever heard any
JEFF the Brotherhood - Sixpack [Official Music Video] - think I liked this one last summer, hooky tune plus the video of hipsters floating down a river with beers is funny to me
Led to Sea* - This Moment - added later upon rereading Milla's post (see below)

Partially inspired by Milla's post about her summer music crushes.  I haven't thoroughly checked out her recommendations yet.*   Usually they aren't ones I've heard on the radio... which is good, because even though maybe I won't get caught on all of her hooks, I feel the same way she does, that exposing yourself to music is a good thing.  Dig this quote from her blog, regarding her music loves- "I have my loves, my eternal beloveds, my partners for life, but I'm also really open to new relationships. When it comes to music, I like to slut it out and get as many experiences under my belt as possible."

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