Monday, August 26, 2013

The First Day

First day back to school, yee ha!  I'm a mixture of giddy with excitement and filled with pure dread.  

I've got like 20,000 things I need to do and 50,000 things I'd like to do, but I guess it's best to just take it one thing at a time.  And first I usually need an hour or so at the computer with coffee, to get my brain processing.

If I were still on facebook... I'd spam your timeline with this picture of my kids.  Instead I'll blog it.
This is the goofy pose, out of three takes.

AND tack on a "look what I did!" picture too.  Look what I did yesterday.  

 I gave two of our front bushes a buzz cut.  Remember how overgrown they had gotten?  We invested in electric clippers a week or so ago and I tried them out yesterday afternoon.  There are three more to go but we ran out of yard waste space.  It was actually kind of fun to do, but my arms are sore this morning.  I can't imagine trying to do it with those big scissor clippers.

Our house almost looks halfway approachable!  What have I done?

Now I guess I'd better get back to work.  As usual, laundry and dishes and mess cleaning awaits... but today at least I'll get to do all with music blaring.  If I want to that is.  Maybe I'll just soak up the quiet a little bit longer.

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