Friday, September 06, 2013

Going to market

Have some catching up to do, but first gotta get ready for tomorrow when we head to Raleigh Flea Market.  Boys are going to sell BSA popcorn and I'm going to take my vintage goods & the like. 

Just now I tested out a cobbled together triangular rounder type clothing rack.  Next to sort and price, neither of which are my specialty.

I need to go back and read my last flea market post...

How much would you spend on a vintage garment if you were just out browsing a flea market with a little pocket money to burn?

--posted from phone, up in attic


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! That is kind of what I figured and I priced accordingly. VERY slow sales day though. :(

  2. Of course it would depend on the garment, but something really special (for me, that's usually a fancier dress) I would go up to $20. I realize this isn't helpful as the flea market was weeks ago but..... for next time!

    1. I agree. I'd probably spend up to $20 if it was really something that I was like *OMG!AWESOME* about. Unfortunately I think what I've got left of my collection/inventory is the stuff that's like *EH,OKAY* I'm currently looking into ways to get rid of it bulk/wholesale style and maybe just start over, or not.