Friday, October 11, 2013

Frock, Foot, Fixed

Wearing a frock, on a Friday.  All thrifted except for purposefully misbuttoned cardigan which was my Grandma's.  This is one of my All That Jazz dresses.  It's been a dreary week weather-wise but I like that we're having more days that are cool enough for short dress / leggings combo.  
cardi, Grandma's
All That Jazz dress, thrifted vintage
brown leggings, thrifted
slightly sparkly black gold tweedy Keds, thrifted
Remember last post when I was all braggy about looking cute (but feeling uncomfortable) in my Den Leader uniform?  Well shortly after that I had two major f-ups that took me down a notch.  

First being I overslept a catnap and was late to pick up the kids for school.  Didn't wake up until I'd missed two calls from one of their teachers.  Luckily we are only mins away so I got there quick (but was nearly 30 min late overall!).  Anyway it put me in quite the panic for several days, but I'm getting over it.   Shit happens.

Second, the next morning, I totally twisted my left ankle and fell on my ass (more like right calf and hand) while walking the dogs.  Got road rash and everything.  But I didn't let go of the leashes!  Anyway, I was able to limp walk home on it and I elevated and iced it right away.  Then I rested it for about 4 days, still icing and elevating when I could.  This week I resumed yoga and walking the dogs but am holding off on running until next week, maybe.  It's still achey off & on with swelling, but the bruising has dissipated.  Actually it's just moved to below and above my ankle and the swelling is pretty much just around my ankle bone.  Dr. Google says ankle sprains can take 4 - 6 weeks to heal so I'm not really worried about the remaining tenderness and swelling, just yet.  Now I'm only elevating & icing it at night while we watch Breaking Bad (in Season 4 now).  Here are some progression pics.  

Finally, one other thing that was giving me trouble recently as well was our pool.  The dogs had chewed the end of the cord off of the filter pump, and as it was end of swimming season anyway I didn't rush to fix it.  Plus then one of the hoses busted a leak too.  Except then after a week of neglect it sort of turned bright acid green almost overnight.  This was right around the time of my two other f-ups too so I was just, come on!  But then I got busy and fixed the cord (yay me! you can learn how to do anything on YouTube) and DIY patched the hose.  The following progression of pictures shows what it looked like to start off with, then after a pool shock treatment + 24hr of filter pumping, then after several days of filter pump and pool shocks, then finally about a week later.   Look you can see the floor!

I think what ultimately cleared it up was all the continuous filtering, plus getting the chlorine and pH levels back to normal and then I did an Angry Egg treatment because once it wasn't green anymore it was still really cloudy (3rd pic).  The Angry Egg said it could take up to 12 - 24 hours to clear the water but it was more like 48 for us.  Then, after all that?  It rained for like 4 days straight.  Which is where we are now, but at least it is still clear.  Now I just need to vacuum it, dump in more stuff, and cover it. Then I'll consider it "winterized."  Going to experiment with leaving it up this winter, since we don't get a lot of snow and usually only a few days below freezing.

Guess that's all the bad and good news for now.  Except the part that I'm leaving out because I just don't even want to go there.  Other than to say, affordable healthcare?  For us?  Not.  

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  1. Your ankle! OW!!!!! I hope it is improving. That looks super painful. Probably wise to not run on it for a bit.