Thursday, November 21, 2013

A picture of pictures of a hat I made on a card I made for a friend I made over 20 years ago...

Stew was mentioning again to me last night that I hadn't updated my blog in almost 6 weeks, and since one reason is because I just haven't really had anything to blog about, I thought I could at least share the most recent "creative" thing I've done, which if you didn't quite follow the subject line, is a bit meta, i.e. a picture I took of the card I made using pictures I took of the hat I made to send off to a friend I made 20 years ago whose birthday was yesterday.  


  1. My favorite part is the card :) I'm wearing my hat right now.

  2. Oh goodness you are too funny. I love the little devil head you drew for Milo's other half. I lol'ed for real twice as I made my way through the pictures. I love the hat also...very multi-functional. Happy late Birthday Brenda!!!

    1. Ha ha, glad you were entertained. You want a hat too? :) I know you've already got a super huge scarf from way back when...