Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Another Hat

I gave birth to another hat this past weekend.  Using the same yarn and pattern as for the BFF's, except this time I thought I'd be cute and make it stripe-y.  

It looks good BUT I alternated colors by carrying the yarn along and crocheting over it, which I discovered makes it not very stretchy.  Plus I think my tension on this one was tighter, maybe since it was more of a risk so I was clutching at it the whole time?  Anyway, in this case, since it was for an 8 year old girl, and I'd already guessed at how to size it down,  all those factors together ended up with it being a little snug.  :(   

I mean they got it on her head when she unwrapped it, but it took a couple tries and didn't look comfortable.

It's the thought that counts right?  We also got her a $10 giftcard, so she didn't get totally screwed.  Plus, the little flower is detachable, with a safety pin on the back, so maybe that will get worn more than the hat.  The flower was a last minute idea, a pattern found by doing a google

In the end it was good practice for me.  I'm on to another hat now, a test of something that I'll probably wear even if it doesn't turn out as expected.  Which so far, it isn't.  That is part of what is "fun" about not following all the rules of a pattern, you never know how your version is going to come out until it is done... and you learn a lot of stuff as you muddle through it.  


  1. So clever! Crochet scares me, but I want to learn how to do it! Very cute wrapping too.

    1. Thank you! I'm more intimidated by knitting than I am by crochet.

  2. I really like the green hat and the flower was a great touch. -Laura