Thursday, December 12, 2013

2013 Playlist

Spotify's mobile app lets you search for artists and listen through playlists for free now (rather than just play random themed "radio" from catalog).  Since I like to listen to music both at home and "on the go" -and- am currently XM-less (my ride is in the shop), I decided to make a big fat playlist of all my repetitively played songs from the past year.  My "Best of 2013" I guess.  There are over 100 and they go in descending chronological order from when last played, so there are probably some repeats throughout as I was just CMD clicking and once I had so many selected I couldn't remember what I'd already picked.  My head doesn't work that way.  If too much gets in there I lose track.  I suppose that is short term memory?  What was it I was talking about it again?  Anyway.   I might add to it later but not sure if I'll ever get around to editing it or anything.  Unless I have chores to avoid.  Which IS highly likely.

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