Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Tweets, Tunes & Titles v3

Just switching out the photo of the week with one of my latest crochet projects.  A cap and fingerless mitts in the colors of my Alma Mater, Iowa State University.  It figures, just around the time I picked up this "Team Spirit" self-striping yarn at JoAnn's a couple weeks ago, that ISU Men's Basketball would end their 14-0 winning streak.  Guess it is as good a time as ever to start cheering them on then, even if from afar, AND even wear them on days that are nearing 60F & sunny but OMG there might be snow flurries after 6 pm so we better let school out 2 hours early!  Oh well, I'm ready for cool weather anyway.
Both patterns are from Rachel's Crochet Boutique book (hat is shortened Slouchy Beanie).  I made & mailed a hat like this for my ISU BFF too and going to send her some of these mitts also.  Twinsies.  

Needless to say, I'm really into crochet mode right now.  I was into crochet about 10 years ago but this past year's rekindling has been the most prolific I've been output-wise.  I've got like 3 WIP (work-in-progress) projects going so far, with more in my head.  It's a good "Leave Me Alone" zen hobby that I can do either in my room or bring out for waiting times in the car or in front of boob tube, etc.  It sort of eats up my leisure reading time though- I've got 2 books out of the library that I'll try to squeeze in somewhere.  Also I need to get up in the attic and start another weeding out of all our (mostly my) junk.  

Now if only I can get a few actual boys-at-school-for-full-days under my belt...




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