Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Tweets, Tunes & Titles

Happy New Year!

I'm not really sure what I'm going to do with this blog this year, if anything.

My various URLs are up for renewal too and after almost 15 years of maintaining a web presence of some kind, I'm coming to the realization I'm sort of over it.  It's been a gradual withdrawal, and not unique to me... something I've seen happening among my peers in blogland over the past couple years in general.  So possibly it's a maturity thing?  A prolonged trend or phase coming to an end?  Who knows.

I'm not disappearing completely, just on hold.  "Cocooning" like I tend to do this time of year.

I'm trying to schedule my time more effectively and be more productive overall.  I've got lots of To Do and Goal lists.  But on the flipside, I'm trying to give myself a break more often.  To not feel guilty if I go in my room and shut the door for some quiet time.  For the moment, I'd rather devote "blogging" time to "journaling/writing" time.  I just started up a brand new 2014 hand journal, as 2013's conveniently ended on the last page of a book.

Also I'm trying to get back into the habit of emailing people again.  Or whoa-so-retro, sending out handwritten cards or letters.  I actually got 15+ New Year cards sent out in the mail this past week.

So for now, in this space, I'm just going to put up a little Tweets 'N Tunes (+ Titles = books read) placeholder again, like I did at the beginning of last year.  Which might mean I tweet, listen and read more!  So that's cool.  We'll see.  Thanks for checking in.





  1. Hi Sandra, I "follow" you on twitter but am barely on there, so I for one will miss your blogging while you are taking a break; but i know what you mean. My blog is lucky to get one entry a month these days. I just don't seem to have the same mental space. Sorry about Milo not wanting to go to school, hope that gets easier as the year is long. x Just had a quick look at Decembers photos, is it just me or have your kids beanpolled this year?

  2. and love your outfit with the green stripey tights and black dress

    1. Thanks! And yes won't be long before my oldest is my height, plus the middle one is getting a little taller finally also. The scrappy youngest seems to forever stay teeny tiny.