Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Another Failure

I'm still feeling pretty stupid about burning the kids' dinner in the microwave (I can still smell it but Stew says I'm crazy).  So why not share another failure I've racked up recently. 

Can you guess which t-shirt print design was my idea, hand rendered in Photoshop vs. modified clip art rearranged using's editor?

Oh well.  No hurt feelings (ok maybe one ot two), it was just a shock when the results came back. Like, really? That one check mark? A pity vote from Stew. 

The tattoo/tribal look was his request, which I resignedly made a version (C) of at that t-shirt site.  (B) was an existing design that he liked that I simply changed the text on.  So at least my customized design won by a few votes, but still.  Maybe I'll make my own screenprint of my design (A) and wear it in protest to the majority. 


  1. I'm wondering if it's the square that was the problem. I think the inside of A is awesome. C is more free-flowing.

    1. Thank you. Yes it could be the square. Also some of the howling face details got lost when I made the lines thicker... but it pretty much turned out the way I'd imagined it. It was a first draft that only took me a couple sleepless hours one early morning anyway, so that helped me swallow my pride some too.