Thursday, February 13, 2014

Muffled Bliss

So today was Snow Day #3.  Luckily we still have power.  I fear for BFF in GA though as she hasn't played a WWF word in 24 hrs now which means she might be Nookless.  Let's all send her zubbas.

Stew has been working from home these last two days and something he did differently this time which seemed to work pretty good was to wear ear plugs, and later, ear muffs on top of that. 

This afternoon, when he got restless and had to get out of the house, I tried this sound blocking trick out myself.  Actually I needed his help putting the foam plugs in. What a strange sensation.  And then with the muffs over top it was like little cloud over my head. Like when you put the pillow over your head to nap you know? But still being "up" at the same time was well, kind of disorienting.   It was weird to move around, I told him it made me feel my joints move or hear them click or something, and then loopily laughed at how silly that sounded.  Loopy sort of sums up the experience.

But once I sat down and put my feet up it was bliss. All background noise dimmed and even the high keens and whines of kids were dampened to an almost tolerable decible. Now if there was a way to pipe music in through that buffer? That would be cool.

For now though I'll just get used to zoning out like this every now & then.  I bet wearing this combo AND shutting the door to my room would be lovely.  If not a little too isolated.  Also I need to figure out how to insert the ear plugs by myself, which is harder than it seems it would be.  My ear canals turn into brick walls when I try to do it. It is all in the roll, pull, jiggle...


  1. We are back online, thanks for the zubbas!

  2. I need your solution right now. looks like bliss.

  3. I do this all the time 'cos even though we each have a "office", they're unheated so hub and I both work at the kitchen table.