Monday, March 17, 2014

Because it is Green?

I sat down to write a blog post but then had way too much stuff in my head and was also trying to GChat and upload pictures and check email and approve artwork for our Pack's t-shirts and so on and so on.  Except now my coffee buzz is wearing off and I need to do some chores around the house so when I got a Daily Digest type email from it reminded me I had never blogged about one of my textile designs being included in a book.  I had taken some phone pics of the book a while back, having run across it in a pile one day, so thought I'd just upload those quick and be done with it.  Of course I ended up sitting to write longer than I meant too.  Really the subject matter has little significance to the fact that today is St. Patrick's Day, other than I do have Irish heritage on my father's side, and it is green in color.

toile de l
Remember my "Toile de l'Iowa" textile design from way back?  I guess it was only 2010 but 4 years is 4 years ya know?  It is starting to go by really fast.   Anyway, in November of that year I got an email from an author, Michele Palmer, working on a book called "American Toile," asking if I would allow her to use my design in her book.  I was like "yes of course awesome!" and she said she could just order a fat quarter from Spoonflower.  I also could have sent in my own image, which in the end I probably should have, but hey, a sale is a sale.

Well she had mentioned it wouldn't be published until Spring of '12.  That seemed so far off so I almost forgot about it.  And it wasn't until Spring of '13 that I got another email from the author, letting me know it was due to be published on June 28th.   I thanked her for the reminder and bookmarked the Amazon page.  Later, when my mom was fishing for gift ideas, I told her she could order this book and have it delivered to her place while we were visiting up in Iowa for the summer.  I don't think I let her know why exactly just that it was a book I was interested in.

If I remember correctly there was some delay in shipping but it did end up arriving during my visit.  It was nice to look through it with my family.  It is really a coffee table type book.  A little bit of history & reference too I guess.  Mostly images with captions, divided by sections with brief intros.  My design was in the chapter titled "Old MacDonald Had a Farm," or a collection of "Country Life" toile.

I was a little disappointed in how the fabric was scanned in.  Seemed wrinkled and could have used a Levels adjustment in Photoshop, if you ask me, but who am I to complain?  Several other designs hosted by were also included, and a few of them looked like the designer sent a digital image, which of course looked more crisp and colorful.  Oh well, maybe mine looks more authentic this way.  :)  Also it is interesting that the designer got second billing in the caption, but I guess the printer should get credit too.  That way interested parties know where to source it should they need too.  However I haven't tried doing any searches on to see how easily my toile can be found.  My name is also in the Acknowledgments, however again it looks like some designers were more on the ball and gave business names or links to blogs.  In hindsight it was good that I didn't use it to promote since I'm letting that URL die out as it is.

So there you have it.  My name (and art?) in print!  Whee!  It kind of makes me want to start tweaking a few of the designs I have offered through Spoonflower.  I haven't uploaded anything new in forever, and haven't had a lot of sales recently (doing it for income was never really was a goal or anything) but ever so often I'll get a few "favorites" from out of nowhere which is nice.  Usually on my Crazy Spoon Flower design.  Which also happens to be green.  I actually don't like how that spoon flowers design flows anymore, and since I still have the design files saved somewhere, it wouldn't be too hard to make a new version or a little collection supporting it.

Except I think all that is on my decrepit laptop.  Which is currently under a pile of crap upstairs.  And before I start any other projects, I need to do some serious Spring Cleaning up there.  Which is where I was headed, before I sat down to type.  Like 2 hours ago.  Ugh...

Happy St. Patrick's Day!


  1. Who's that good looking dude pulling the sled?

    1. Some crazy hairy beast I met in college that I tamed and put to work as my sugar daddy. :)