Friday, March 28, 2014

Let's Go Cyclones!

***Repost from Monday, since same topic, different day.***Also to push that nasty bedhead picture out of the way***

With an update to say that I am *jazzed* to find out that we'll probably be able to watch tonight's game streamed live on the computer, yay! I think Cyrus will be too since this morning when I mentioned to Stew about the game tonight, Cyrus was like "Will we be able to watch it as a family again?"  Awwwww      Thanks Cathy! (for sharing your Cox-iness with us).  Let's Go Cyclones!  Now I'm off to go get dressed in school colors so when I'm doing my errands in town today everyone will look at me like, what school, where? Huh? Is Iowa even in the US? (old joke)

***Rah rah rah!***Oh also, I did run again yesterday, yay!***A full week of walking, yoga, and two jogs!****Yay***Rah rah rah****Go Cyclones****

LOL here I am being a crazed fan in front of our one piece of Cyclone pride, tacked up in the garage ------------->>>>

***ok Monday's old post starts here***Thanks, have great weekend!***

ISU pep band photo nabbed from's AP Gallery
My roots in cheering on sports have a broad basis in being a pep band geek for several years in high school.  So to celebrate Iowa State making it into the NCAA Sweet Sixteen last night, I've used this photo I nabbed from (game recap).

It's from last night's game against UNC, which I actually got to watch live, as it was on CBS and we were able to get our HDTV antenna to pick up the station.  The kids thought it was funny to see me getting all excited and tuning the TV, etc. then later cheering & jeering.  Watching sports happens very rarely in our house.  Then when the kids & I do, we're always trying to figure out what exactly is going on and what the different fouls mean and stuff.  I have rudimentary knowledge that I can point out to the boys, but Stew has the most sports term smarts, so luckily he was half watching too and helping us out, though with way less optimism that I had.  He was sure ISU had lost with like 7 min to go, but then they made a come back, yay!  That said, it was really hard to watch toward the end, and Cyrus, who stayed watching with us even when the other two had wandered back to Minecraft, offered me a blanket to hide my eyes behind.

Stew was also laughing because he says I am a fair-weather fan, but I don't think that is necessarily so, after all it was during their losing streak when I crocheted my school colors cap (that I've been wearing pretty loyally since then, and last night of course)... 

I think it is more of a time & distance makes the heart grow fonder thing.  Of course it helps that they are winning for now! Friday night's game is in NYC and televised on TBS, so I guess I'll follow along by googling the score ever so often on my phone like I have in the past.  I'll be sure to have my hat on and maybe a t-shirt too.  

Go Cyclones!  It's the first time they've made the Sweet Sixteen since 2000 (looks like they made the Elite Eight that year too), and before that the last time they'd made it this far was when I was still an undergrad, in 1997.  I think I remember that vaguely.  Was probably just another excuse to get drunk.   So it is fun to be all old lady now and cheering them on soberly but probably with way more interest and vigor.   Just like my Grandma Wavie used to do (she was a big basketball fan, and did not drink).  

More on the whole not drinking thing later, possibly.  Mostly this post was written in a spat of procrastination right before I meant to get up from the computer.  As I have laundry to sort & fold and Cub Scouts den meeting preparations to do, neither of which are things that I particularly like doing.  Bleh, Mondays.  You suck. 


  1. My sympathy for your loss, but five points is way better than the thirty-point blow out of Creighton's game. McDermott should have declined the Sports Illustrated cover. The SI curse continues.

    1. Thank you. Also I was happy to see that UConn went on to win yesterday too... so maybe if I root for them now, and they win the whole thing, we'll be able to say that ISU lost to the champions.