Wednesday, March 19, 2014

SunChaser Lust

I'm going to just start randomly posting things that make me happy.  Starting with one from this morning's errands in town.  

I mean come on, you don't see a real life Barbiemobile every day!  Remember these?

I spied similar vintage cuteness IRL while leaving town and actually turned around, drove back like 3 blocks, and parked in two different adjacent lots in order to take these pictures.  What a stalker!

It says SunChaser on the side but I can't see any other make/model markings.  Google doesn't bring up much either.  There is a Toyota Hiace Sunchaser but that doesn't look right.  *see below

Could you die?  Love it.  I am assuming it runs but who knows since it was parked in front of a service station.  No For Sale sign in the window though :(  Can't imagine the fool that would get rid of that thing anyway, or if they did it would probably be like a bazillion dollars, not to mention the gas to fill it.  A girl can daydream though right?  It was enough to just see it sitting there though.  

With the cool, wet gloomy days we've had, wouldn't it be great to hop in this baby and chase the sun?  Even if it just went putt putt putt down the road.  I bet it has an 8 Track player in it!  Too funny.  

**Edit** I just couldn't stop looking it up and after Google image searching "real life yellow barbie motor home" found this other blogger who saw a similar one cruising down the interstate one day.   Sounds like it is a 70's GMC Motorhome.   Feast your eyes on all these brothers & sisters found on a "GMC Classics" site, all sold & most of them still trucking!


  1. I HAD THIS AS A KID. I LOVED IT SO MUCH. Barbie was all hey I am on my sun deck on the roof oh p.s. time to motor, later!

    1. I think I had the pink corvette which was way less fun.