Tuesday, March 25, 2014

What was in my head after my first run in over 6 weeks

Wow I hadn't realized it had been just over 6 weeks since the last time I went for a run.  And I almost didn't go this morning because ugh I'd rather have just crawled back in bed.  But it is interesting how once you set things in motion they just sort of keep going.  As I'm yawning and shuffling to the coffee maker (trying out decaf!), I always tell myself I'll crawl back into bed once I get the chance.  But then after getting boys to school, it is time to feed dogs and walk them and scoop poop in the yard and then at that point crawling back into bed just isn't as appealing.

Anyway this morning I went ahead and begrudgingly pulled on my running clothes before dropping the kids off and that kind of helped seal the deal.  I waffled for a minute... couldn't I just put my mom jeans on and push off the decision to run until later?  But it is those small moments when you have the chance to change the mood of the day.  Sort of like when instead of just walking by the unmade bed, you go ahead and pull the covers back up.  Or instead of leaving a sink full of dirty dishes you just go ahead and load the washer.  Just tiny moments where you don't put off doing something and then they slowly snowball into a more regular pattern of getting things done.

I recognize those small decisions as positive behavior, and try to strive for it and model it as much as I can, but it is so easy to fall out of it.  At least for me.  My hard working husband is good at it.  He gets up and showers and gets stuff done on a daily basis, even on lazy weekends.  "Why put it off?" is very much his thing, but it has never really rubbed off on me.  I do my best to play along.  I'll scoffingly help him get ready for events weeks in advance, and I'll see the benefits, but still it doesn't sink in.  I am just prone to slack.  Slacker.  Actually no, I do get things done, and usually do a decent job of it, but when I'm in a funk it just all lacks pizazz.  And I guess these past 6 weeks were a bit of a funk.  Nothing really specific happened.  A couple things that might qualify as depressing, but overall I guess it was just that end of winter blehness.

So now that Spring is peeking in for a few days here and there, I'm looking forward to getting back into more positive habits.  Less slack.  More routine.  This run was a start, and it was difficult.  And I only did 2 miles!  Which is better than nothing, I know.  My head was up to it, but overall my body was like Wait, what? My lungs & guts (stitch in my side) were like, Listen lady, we're down with walks and yoga and dark chocolate infusions every 4 hours, but where is all this work coming from all of a sudden?  My feet and knees and feels like my lower right back were like, Um dude, why are you beating us up, what did we do to you?  And I'm like, Sorry guys, I'll give you a break tomorrow but let's try it again on Thursday OK?  And they're all like, Boo hiss! Whatever, let's go shower.


  1. ok, i'll elaborate. I liked it because it reminded me of my days. And I concur on your positive motion effect of not walking past something and just doing it, and then you do the next thing cos the last one wasn't that hard. I have days like that...sometimes. And sometimes all of a sudden I'm folding three weeks worth of laundry. Well not that much, or we'd have no towels.

    1. Teeny! Good to see you. Yes, I think I know what 3 weeks on laundry looks like. In fact I may have taken a picture of it the other day. That I was going to post but never did. I took a picture because I was timing myself to see just how long it took to deal with. It took me like 35 min to sort & put away. Which isn't bad really when you think of it. Because one reason I put it off is because I always think it is going to take FOREVER. But it doesn't really, ya know?