Monday, June 09, 2014

Less than 30 Days Left... Update

Grabbing a minute to post a quick update on my #100HappyDays endeavor... less than a month left and I'm still going strong! 

Haven't really missed a day yet either, other than one night when I forgot and posted a valid picture from that day as quickly as I remembered the next morning.  On the whole, it's been pretty easy to keep up with, and yes, I think it might be helping with my overall mood & happiness.

Day 71: Got some yardwork done
that needed done. Relaxed with lemonade.
I mean some days I even have to pick from several things that made me happy, and sometimes just end up squishing 3 or 4 things into a collage because I can't decide what was best.  I think when you are going about your day looking for things that make you happy- well obviously it changes your perspective quite a bit, in a good way.

Sure there are some days where I've gotten to like 7 pm and realize I haven't take a picture of anything yet, and those are usually the busy or bleh days, but even taking a moment right then to find and appreciate something to tweet usually helps end the day on an up note.  It's never really felt like a burden.  It's actually kind of a mini gratitude practice, which I'm trying to do more of also.

Or as a way to recognize my accomplishments, like on Day 71 (see pic) I got yard work done which OK wasn't really the happiest thing I could have done that day, but I was happy that I did it, ya know?  Plus afterward, sitting in my red chair on the back deck with cold lemonade, made me happy, and that shirt & hat make me happy, and so on and so on.

Today is Day 73 and I've already got a couple things I'm looking forward to that I can use as Happy Things.  And interestingly enough, they don't have anything to do with sitting here in front of the computer, which I guess explains why I haven't updated the blog since starting the challenge... I've been busy being happy.  Also, today is the last full day of school before it is out for the summer (tomorrow is a half day), so I need to go soak up the remaining "me time" hours while I can.  Later!


  1. IT sounds like a gratitude practice to me too.....sometimes we probably need to remind ourselves that we are happier than we think as well. I could get through a whole day and only think about the sh*t stuff that happened or that I thought about.......if I took an HONEST look though, I"m sure I'd find there were happy moments. Sounds like a good practice!

  2. I've been enjoying your tweets and I love that this mindfulness seems to be affecting you in a positive way. I also love that shirt :)

  3. That's awesome. I think gratitude lists help a lot. I have been participating in one recently and even though I'm sick enough to ask for accommodations from work for health reasons and am seeing 7 professionals it still helps me realize it's not as bad as my mind sometimes makes me think it is.