Monday, July 07, 2014

100 Happy Days - Success

Well I finished my 100 Happy Days challenge, yay!  Like I've said before, I really do think it helped to improve my mood.  So I might keep it up but without the hashtags and day counting.  Just by posting a "happy" picture or collage to twitter once a day, or as regularly as I can keep it up without stressing about it.  Not only does it serve as a small gratitude practice, but also as a bit of a "micro-blog" to quickly share a part of my day to interested parties.  You know, like my mom.  :)

Oh and on reflection, upon looking through my 100 pictures, a few things that seemed to repeatedly make me happy:

  • food, usually carb-y stuff after I've been sugar detoxing
  • books/reading
  • colors & patterns in clothing
  • "quality time" with family
  • being outside
  • gardening
  • little "got things done" accomplishments 
  • little creative achievements
  • taking baths
  • unexpected happy surprises / quirky observations
  • getting things in the mail
  • yoga & running


  1. Congrats for finishing! I like seeing the list written out like that.

  2. Wow, these are really good, the basics. It's all about the basics. Pls post more for us non-twitter folks <3