Monday, August 25, 2014

First Day of School & other pictures uploaded & oh where does the time go

Wiley (12, 6th grade); Cyrus (9, 4th grade); Milo (7, 2nd grade)

Obligatory First Day of School Photo!  They don't look too excited but all three got out of the car at appropriate places so that is a good start.  Wiley goes to Middle School this year which, with morning traffic, was about 20 mins further on, up a few different roads.  I am a bit anxious to see how the pick-up situation will work out... either way, one or more of them will have to be waiting around a bit longer than usual, both before and after school.  But the bus system is so messed up down here (lots of maintenance issues and not enough drivers, plus long rides for Wiley at least) that it is best that I stay the "mom bus" for a while longer.  Which is fine except for the waiting around that is required then on my part.  However it isn't too bad as long as I get together a bag of stuff-I-can-do-while-sitting-around which is a lot of things.  The hardest thing is not staying on my phone the whole time.

However one of my goals this school year is to have better time management.  Part of that is to try to only check my phone (which is basically email, Words With Friends, internet, etc. you know, the rabbit hole) once an hour, on the the hour, for 10 min max.   So far this morning it has worked out well.

After getting the boys out of the house I jumped happily right back into my routine of walking dogs and doing yoga... then stayed upstairs and spent about two hours up there sorting through excess/stored boys clothing.  I am very grateful for all the donated boy clothes we get from our Great Aunt and my great BFF.  Rarely do I have to buy anything new for these guys and luckily they haven't started complaining yet.

Also yesterday I finally sat down and uploaded a ton pictures, catching up since last upload back in March.  Those albums can be perused here:

Here are the Iowa Trip ones specifically:

Right now I am typing this post during my lunch break and the time is quickly dwindling away so off I go.  But hugs to all who check in periodically.  My attempt to re-start #happythings kind of fizzled but I haven't given up on it yet...

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