Friday, September 05, 2014

Holy Shit Home Improvement

Or otherwise known as OMG I Actually Almost Finished Something!  Ok, so I still need to take the tape down and screw fixtures back in... but still!  I finally got the boys' bathroom painted!  Woot woot!
Ignore the tape.  Also it is darker/brighter in person.  "Sea Breath"
It all started this past Labor Day Weekend, when Stew's dad & step-mom came down to help work on the house again.  They got the Harry Potter room door finished, and when they moved on to work upstairs, Karen got busy and got the aforementioned door painted.  Well then she and I decided that if we had thought more ahead of time we could have started painting a room together.  They own/manage several rental properties, so she has lots of painting experience and he has lots of fix-it knowledge.  Even though we didn't start a room, she did leave me the painting tools she had used on the door and helped me pick a paint color.

Freshly inspired by all their hard work, on Monday after they left, we went to Lowe's (was the third trip in there that weekend) and while Stew picked up supplies for the garage cabinets, I got paint mixed.  And on Tuesday I actually started on it!  Sure I only got one wall done and was kind of disappointed in my skills, but I decided it was good enough for a start and that I'd probably need to do a second coat anyway.

Later that night I discovered that my Avocado Clay Mask is the same color as the paint I chose... ha!

So then on Wednesday I kept at it and got the rest of the room almost done, up to one patch behind the door that I left for later that evening because I had to stop to go get the kids.   Yesterday I took a break from it to do other errands.  This morning I was determined to get the second coat on before the weekend but wasn't looking forward to it all that much.  But as the BFF said, the second coat goes on much faster, and she was right... I went to work and got done around lunch time today, yay!  

Things I learned:
  • Taping sucks but is necessary, just deal with it.  
  • Trimming sucks and if I can get away with just using a mini-roller around edges I most certainly will.  Which you can, if you put a nice wide tape up beforehand...  
  • Using the Pomodoro Timer app on my phone really helps me focus. (Work in 25 min segments w/ 5 min breaks in between, then a longer break every 4 segments which was basically my lunch break.)
  • I generally like to start out with music playing loudly but then after the second break or so I like it to be quiet.  
  • Painting (and even heavy cleaning) is a lot like running... it kind of sucks to get started, but again, after the second break or so, I'll have gotten in a groove and zone out almost meditatively, and then get excited with my progress and want to keep going until I finish.  
  • What a great feeling it is to start a project and follow through on it!

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