Friday, October 03, 2014

Since last post blah de blah dah

Guess it is time to update this thing as it has been a month since that last post when I was all excited that I painted the bathroom.  Not to mince words, here are some things that have happened since then:

I trimmed our out of control bushes down below the windows.  After I got over the whole "sorry tree, this might hurt" hesitation/guilt, it was very empowering to use the big 2" "lopper" scissors to cut through the branches.  Ok I had to have Stew come muscle down about one bigger branch per bush, but the rest I did myself.  Look, we have windows!

Wiley's garden continued to produce a ton of cherry tomatoes through September (and presently, those pole beans were from just the other day), but I did start taking a few of the full size green tomatoes off to ripen indoors since bugs were getting to them.  Which led to me trying to make fried green tomatoes, which weren't as yummy as I'd hoped they'd be.  Mostly I don't like having to bread & fry stuff anyway.  Though I do fondly remember having a Fry Daddy back at mom & dad's for a while growing up.  One new meal attempt last month that I did think turned out well was making actual kneaded/rolled round biscuits from Bisquick (rather than drop ones I usually do), and using them for DIY egg & turkey sausage sandwiches.

Too bad fried foods and biscuits are so "pointy" for people tracking their food using Weight Watchers, which Stew and I are both doing again.  Though at least on WW I could try a few bites of these foods and not feel like I blew my "cleanse" or whatever.  I just got tired of how limited the first couple phases of the 17 Day Diet were.  A girl needs carbs kind of regularly, ya know? So it is nice being able to eat things like popcorn and fudgcicles again.  Plus it isn't like I am trying to lose a lot of weight, just want to move away from the "cleanse"-then-binge yo-yo-ing I was doing and be happy just maintaining all while allowing occasional yummy treats, tempered by walking/jogging/yoga, etc.


So there I am.  Sorry, I can't be bothered to set up the tripod for outfit shots anymore.  But sometimes I still snap a quick pic in the mirror to document an outfit that goes above & beyond my typical dress as of late, which has been a lot of functional repeats suitable for the dog walking yoga doing kid herding chore avoiding flip flop wearing housewife of awesomeness that I am.  Maybe once the cool weather finally settles in for good I'll break out my tights-n-boots wearing layering magic woman of mystery mojo again.


  1. Nice job on the foliage! Love both outfits and glad you got at least a mirror shot.

  2. hello again! always nice to hear from you!