Thursday, November 13, 2014

A Stampy Cake

To add to my made/did list, I'll share the cake decoration I did for Cyrus' 10th birthday this past Monday.

He had requested a "Stampy" cake, which to those not in the know, Stampylonghead is a British dude who is a bit of a YouTube star due to his family friendly goofy Minecraft gameplay videos that he uploads.  His "skin" in Minecraft is a yellow/orange/white cat(?) I think it is.  All the stuff in Minecraft is boxy and pixelated which I think is annoying as hell but "kids these days, whatever, grumble grumble, get off my lawn, etc."  Anyway, this is what "Stampy" looks like, or what he looks like in the game:

So I was a little messed up to begin with since I did my standard easy 9 x 13 cake mix, when ideally I should have done two 8 x 8s on top of each other, so that I could just do his square head and have the right number of "pixels" to work with.  With the 9 x 13, I ended up with 6 pixels across which made it look a little squeezed.

I guess I could have made my boxes smaller and crammed in 8 across but it just didn't look right in my head that way as I was drawing my lines.  I did a layer of white frosting and then drug lines in it with toothpicks.  For the colors I used my Wilton's food coloring gel and made orange, green and gray, which I squished into baggies to "draw" with, by cutting a corner off the baggie.  Plus I had a tube of shiny black icing that I've been using out of my fridge for probably the last 5 years which I guess is still okay or we just have strong stomachs because nobody has died from it yet.

That all worked out okay, I wasn't going for perfection, completion was more the goal,  as I started this at about 2 pm and I pick the boys up at 3 pm.

It bothered me initially that I ended up having to "halve" pixels here and there but then I got over it.  With his mouth/smile I was kind of screwed because I didn't have enough white space to make two blocks of grey, even halved.  So I just gave him a normal smiley face, because really, if you are on a cake wouldn't your mouth be more smiley than just a straight line of grey?  Cheer up chap!  And then I decided if I was going to break the pixelated look for the mouth then I needed to give the eyes a little bit more life too, so I added the little green irises with little black pupils, since as I see it in his pixelated form, he has green eyes they are just those really big wide eyed anime type.  So basically I put eyes inside his eyes which sounds like something a video game character could have at any rate.

Anyway, the boys knew who it was and thought it was cool and that is all that matters!

So I'm putting this up on the blog in case anybody else googles "stampy cake" they can see how I did it and decide to do something totally different (like I did) because while I appreciate the decorative qualities of that moldable icing stuff (fondant?), that is not my forté.  I prefer to make cakes you can  just cut and eat.  And cut and eat, and cut and eat...

*goes off to cut and eat one of the last few pixels left*

Here are more photos from November so far. 

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