Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Made/Did in October

Here is some stuff I made / did in October...  see captions below pictures.  

I picked up knitting again, practicing just the basics so I could crank out a chunky knit "Claire Cowl" for my BFF who I visited one of the weekends in late October (yay!).  This was practice on a scrap yarn scarf of my Grandma Long's that I found still on the needles from her craft stuff.  

Look how huge the needles were that I used for the cowl!  Size 50!  It was funny.  Also I combined two skeins of yarn for a super sized ball.  Thinking I might make another one of these for myself but in burgundy.  I used Pollyfoofoo's free pattern found here. 

Didn't "make" this but did "find" it in a free pile at the end of one of our neighborhood's driveways.  Actually there wasn't a free sign on it, so even though I had scoped it out during several morning dog walks and kept seeing other stuff from the pile disappear, I finally decided to drive over there and knock/ask.  Then I drove away with it!  Yay!  We didn't necessarily need another desk, but I lugged it upstairs and it will make a perfect sewing table.  

I doodled on the kids' packed lunch napkins again.  

Stew and I worked on turning this old wire spool he'd salvaged from work into an umbrella table for out back.  He fastened a wooden top on (the original black top had holes/indents all over it) and then drilled the stand hole in and sanded, etc.  I painted it a faux concrete for the top and then made a stencil to do a brick look on the middle.  Hopefully it survives the winter as it will get a lot more use during the summer.  

I made this "box" car train for the Fall Cub Scout Camping weekend.  That was the weekend I visited my friend, so the second "in action" picture is one I stole from facebook.  I guess my design was pretty sturdy and they got 4th place, yay! 

Lastly, I finally got the pool winterized.  I had put it off for a while because the process of doing it always ignites a little bit of SAD (seasonal affective disorder) in me... I mean I eventually love the cooler weather of fall and the tree colors and all that crap but it is sad to leave summer behind too.  Transitions are hard for me.  I thought I was ready for sock weather but when it hit a couple days ago I was like, ugh & bleh.  I miss my flip flops.  

More family type photos from October can be found over in Picasa albums.   Thanks for checking in!


  1. I totally want that table.

  2. I love cowls like that one! Really nice. you have been super productive in your make/do projects. Impressive.