Tuesday, November 25, 2014

More Made in November, Hat Edition

We were invited to a 7 year old girl's birthday party (a family we know through Scouts) and I had thought I could make her a hat.  I wanted it to be Frozen inspired so I googled and found a cute free pattern online, the Princess Anna Crochet Hat by blogger Over the Apple Tree.  I printed it and followed it to a T, other than sizing it up a little and adding a bit of extra trim flair.  I had worried it might be a little too "twee" for a 7 year old but asked my BFF and she said her daughter gave the pattern pictures a thumbs up so I felt better about completing it.  Then I had Milo model it for me after it was finished so I could be sure it would fit a 7 year old head before gifting it.   The birthday girl's mother really liked it and said the girl has worn it a couple times so that's all I could hope for really.    

Two of the other guests at the party (also Scout family friends) had joked they wanted them in adult sizes, in football team colors.  So since they are relocating to Wisconsin and last night would be the last night they were at a Pack Meeting, Stew had asked if I could make them the hats they joked about.  I followed the same pattern, but sized it up even more, using colors and adding trim appropriate for Green Bay Packers and Dallas Cowboys.  Also I added the pom pom for extra kitchy-ness. 

And finally, also Scout related, we had gotten this little stuffed tiger as a bonus item when we'd ordered screenprinted t-shirts for the Pack.  The tiger had come wearing a red ClassB.com t-shirt, but Stew asked if I could make him a green t-shirt like our Pack shirts. So I cut the sleeve off an extra blank shirt we had and got out my sewing machine to sew up a shirt shape, using the red shirt as a template and making use of existing finished hems when I could.  Then I used a fabric paint marker and a stencil to put on the 28.  He was introduced last night as Trouble the Tiger, the Pack's new mascot.  

Hope everyone has nice Thanksgiving Holidays!  It is gloomy and raining here these past days.  We get to go stay a couple nights at the beach with family, which will be a first for us in the off-season, so should be interesting to see what bundled up beach life is like.  I think the rain is supposed to move off by then at least.  I'll probably bring a book and some crochet to work on, another commissioned gift Buffalo Hat is in progress.

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