Monday, December 08, 2014

Grinch Hat Inner Dialogue

Late last week I made a Grinch Hat for Stew's birthday, but I've kinda stolen it and worn it the most so far.

Like on the float at yesterday's Christmas Parade...  group outings and forced merriness makes me feel Grinchy, what can I say.

But it wasn't too bad, just chilly and lots of hyper kids eating/throwing candy.  The parade heads survived their 3rd outing too.   In this from-my-view-on-the-float parade pic you can also see Milo wearing the Rudolph hat (middle left) and (back right) Xenia wearing her daughter's Princess Anna hat, ha ha.  

For the Grinch hat I started it like last year's Rudolph hat, using the base hat from Buffalo hat pattern and then just improvising the face details myself, by doing a Grinch google image search, and winging the shapes out from my growing knowledge of various stitch types & effects.  

However when I'm not following a pattern, I question my design decisions a lot.  On some parts I'll be all excited, saying to myself "oh this looks good, you are a genius!" but then on other parts I'm all irritated and muttering "duh, why did you do it that way, it looks horrible!"   I'm getting better at quieting my inner critic, but I think it takes a lot of practice.  In general I wouldn't call myself a perfectionist, far from it, but when I am creating things based on a vision in my head, if it doesn't turn out the way I "see" it then I start to hem and haw and get all insecure and second guess or want to change things or just give up all together.

In this case, since it was a somewhat last minute "oh I could make Stew a Grinch hat" thought, it didn't leave a lot of time to redo things.  But I am proud of myself for not giving up and being okay enough with how it looked in order to be done with it the afternoon before his birthday.  I'm getting better about finishing things with time to spare!   

Except by the time I was taking pictures and modeling it for the boys, I was still questioning the overall look of it.  Like it was more evil frog/snake than Grinch? And then Milo said it looked like he had a mustache.  Finally I couldn't "unsee" that remark, so after giving it to Stew that way, I took it back and ripped out the stitching on the lower middle part of mouth and pulled it down to be more V like and now I am more happy with it.

Stew requested side ties like the other hats have, and those were easy to put on, so if I were to do it again,  I'd add another row to the base hat as well as the ear flaps w/ ties like the others.  I had left off those off originally because I was thinking it would be more of a lightweight beanie, but then the way I created the details separately and stitched them on made it bulkier then what I had first envisioned.  The eyes are still maybe a little too snake-y but I can live with it.  If I were to do it again I'd widen the smile out past the eyes and tilt the eyes & brows less so it would look closer to the cartoon image above.  Also I might make the Santa hat bigger/floppier.  

Now I need to do the chores I procrastinated by sitting down to type this up in the first place.  Have a good day.  Or a Grinchy one!  (the kind that start out bad but turn out good)

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