Monday, December 29, 2014

Most Often Played Tracks in 2014

This morning when I booted the iMac from an apparent power outage during the night, I noticed our scrobbler open up, and decided to click on the link to see the most often played tracks.  Backstory, we have both our iTunes and our Spotify set up to "scrobble" (send/keep track of) the currently playing tracks to which is a site that will make it into an rss feed, which lets you share with others.  This is something I've done since way back in the day when we were still actively hosting a site and had a little widget in the sidebar that showed the most recently played music.   It was something I'd see others doing at the time, and I've always thought it was cool to see what kind of music other people listen to.  So I set up a account for us and have left it going since then (looks like the account was from 2008), linking to it at times (recent tracks still in sidebar of this blog) and occasionally checking in at our account, like I did this morning.    

I was able to pull up our top tracks in last 12 months, and manually made a Spotify playlist (first I tried to see if a way to export it to a playlist, but couldn't find anything other than the rss feed to it).  The playlist embedded below is our top played +/- 150 songs (minus the most recent repeated looping through of Christmas music).  All songs were played 3 or more times throughout the year.  

The top 20 or so are kid requested/played songs, with the Lego Movie's "Everything is Awesome" coming in at #1, with a whopping 36 plays in past year.  Then their second favorite (more recently) has been the retro hit "Hooked on a Feeling" from the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack, with several more of that film's songs taking up the top spots... except for #3 which goes to "Let it Go" (29 plays) from Frozen, which as a family we all like to croon out in a comical way.  Other notable top family songs are one of Stew's faves, "Everybody Talks" by Neon Trees, "The Fox" by Ylvis, "All About That Bass" (I'm bringing booty back!) by Meghan Trainor, and the morbid "The Hearse Song" (worms crawl in, worms crawl out) covered by Harley Poe.  

Around #10 and increasing more so after that, start the indie/alt songs that I've queued up several times throughout the year, such as "Ho Hey" by Lumineers (kind of sick of that one now), "Song For Zula" by Phosphorescent (still love that whole album), and "Same Old Same Old" by The Civil Wars (folksy married-to-other-people duo with haunting lyrics that have since disbanded and aren't talking to each other anymore, scandal!).  

Notable tracks that were heavily played more toward the end of the year are those by new-to-me faves The Decemberists (have a new album coming out in January), like "The Lake Song" and "June Hymn" and "Oats in the Water" by Ben Howard (which I heard during a sad scene in a Walking Dead episode).  Other newer to me ones that were played about 9 times each were "eez-eh" by Kasabian (dance-y) and "Just One of the Guys" by Jenny Lewis (croony bubbly), "Archie, Marry Me" by Alvvays (folksy bubbly croony).  

Well I could go on and on which would get even more boring so I'll stop.  There are a few tracks that show up that I don't remember playing (Passion Pit's "Take a Walk" is one I actually don't like), so maybe they just came up a few times during overnight random/shuffle play or streamed Spotify indie/alt radio.  Out of our iTunes library, and in Overall Plays on there are always a lot from the Beatles, Meat Loaf and Jimmy Buffet because we have a lot of those in our iTunes from ripping in all our box set CDs way back when.  But out of that variety, only good old Barry Manilow made a showing in the top 150, coming in at #142 with Read 'Em and Weep.  Which seems like a good place to stop my rambling.  Enjoy!*

* I can never remember if a non-Spotify person can play through the playlist or not, like if you push play and leave your web window open to the page does it play through w/o redirecting you to download and sign up with Spotify?  I think you can?  I'll have to logout of Spotify and see... Otherwise you might be able to play from the list.

** My lovely sister let me know the other day that you do indeed get prompted to sign up for Spotfiy in order to use the playlist, sorry.  Though I do recommend Spotify (can have free account)... it seems you have more control over what you listen to rather than on Pandora.  I found a playlist convertor online by which seems to be of foreign design, so hopefully it didn't just eat my email/passwords and give them to some Russian lady to use to sign up for e-newsletters with... wait, I already have that problem anyway...  BUT I was able to get it to convert like the top 25 or so into a YouTube playlist.  It always failed when I tried to feed it the whole 150, or even 100 or 50 or what have you.   So here is that shortened exported to YouTube playlist, chock full of kids movie soundtrack tracks mostly....  

And here is another chunk...

And Part 3:

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