Friday, March 20, 2015

2015! Spring! Another 100 Days!

Hello.  Wow this is my first post of 2015.  I've been doing my #100HappyDays thing for a second time via twitter, and that just wrapped up the other day and guess what happened on the day after?  I had a fairly shitty day, starting with the fact that ISU Mens Basketball lost in the first round on the NCAA March Madness tournament.  I was fully convinced it was because I tuned in.

Side note: Thanks Mom, I used your DirectTV login to stream it to our TV via on Stew's laptop and two HDMI cords strung together.  I'm not blaming her for the basketball game loss, I'm thanking for use of the her account.  This (and my sister's account too) is how we've been watching Mad Men, Walking Dead, Vikings, and soon to start back up Game of Thrones and Outlander, etc.  I think back in the day how I used to be all uppity about how we didn't have a TV nor cable and therefore wasn't caught up in any of the rubbish everyone always prattled on about.  Nothing like 3 kids and a good 10 years or so to make a person wizen up and stop being snobby about stuff like that.  Now one of the parts of my day that I look forward to the most is sitting on the couch with Stew before bed, in front of our widescreen TV and watching shows on borrowed cable. I am 40 now and really I'm pretty excited about being an "old" person.  But still young enough to not feel bad about freebies from my mom and older sister.

So anyway, either ISU lost merely because I was watching (as opposed to nonchalantly googling the outcome later in day) OR because I never got around to finishing the mate to my first cheer sock I made before they won the Big 12 Championship.  Sorry fans.

And then the boys had endless homework and bad attitudes which carried through to this morning and we all left the house in a huff, but at least they went and I came back to peace & quiet.  And in order to further process my emotions I put on my bright yellow rain coat and walked the dogs despite of the ongoing cold drizzle.   Then I did yoga, touched base with Stew since I'd missed a call and I was glad because I'd stomped out without my usual /goodbye/love you/drive safely/ hug, and then I was a helpful neighbor (teen girl had locked herself out and wanted to borrow my phone), and then I ate an omelette and then sat and crocheted for like 90 minutes while listening to a super chill podcast speaker Tara Brach, and now I FEEL SO MUCH BETTER.  My BFF mentioned a recent study the other day which finds that fiber arts contribute to better mental health and I agree wholeheartedly.  It is like meditation for me.

But now I sit here in front of the blue/white glow of the computer already closing in on 1:30 pm and I realize oh right, today is the first day of Spring.  Tuesday felt more suitable for that, what with a nice morning jog in the sun and the blooming of the local Bradford Pear trees against a blue sky.  Although later that day I did some googling to confirm they were indeed Bradford Pears (I always forget) and found that the species is found by many to be a "blight upon the Southeastern Piedmont" as they only bloom for like 2 weeks a year and then they stink like dead fish when the flowers die and then their fruit droppings make a mess and then if allowed to grow too big and get hit by ice storm or heavy wind they are likely to split in half and look horrible thereafter (I've seen that).  So after that I've seen them all over the place and think about all that, but then think oh well, I can admire from a far for 2 weeks...

Trying to do a lot more of that redirecting myself from negative to positive thinking lately, which is what the #100HappyDays really seems to help with, as it allows you to take moments throughout the day to say oh well so it has been kind of a crappy day but hey this Shamrock Shake will be really tasty for like the 30 seconds it takes to slurp it down or hey I really wish we could head home now from this Scouts meeting, but gee the sunset it really pretty tonight *click* And then the next morning to look through those happy things and pick a few to summarize the day by, thereby essentially overlooking or lessening any of the frustrations or low feelings that may have popped in between the taking of the happy pictures.  Then to start looking for more happy things in the present day and start the cycle over again.  The more you are looking for happy things/times/people the easier it is to see them.

So I think I'll start it back up here either today or tomorrow or the next day, but this time I'll post the #100HappyDays entries in this blog.  Just to try it differently this 3rd time through.  And to dust the cobwebs off the shelves over here in blog land.

This feels deja vu, but is anyone still out there?  I have a few of you other bloggers still in my "Muses" list but a good 50% of my list has dropped off in to the ether of "last updated # months/years ago."  Several I have noted have changed to different platforms and I believe I've made the correct RSS changes to keep up with them, but they probably don't realize because I haven't been taking the time to leave comments- sorry... might take me a bit to warm back up to that.  

And until then, here is another bullet list recap of some of the things that repeatedly made me happy over the past 100 Days (with repeats from first go-through in bold):

  • Stew helping me do stuff I wouldn't feel compelled to do otherwise but is probably a good idea to do (Scouts, cleaning/organizing)
  • Pizza / queso dip / anything with melty cheese basically
  • Doing little creative things but not getting all Pinterest-y overwhelmed about it
  • Getting things done that I had been putting off for stupidly long time for fear of how long it would take when in reality it only took like 20 minutes (cleaning, decluttering, etc.)
  • Ice cream / shakes /  pudding with whipped cream on it / cookies
  • Kids being cute / helpful / creative
  • Walking / Jogging 
  • Peaceful family time / Family Movies /  Family Reading
  • Hot baths
  • Our new-to-us fish tank & fish family
  • My new food processor
  • Crochet, crochet and more crochet
  • Kids doing good in school
  • Cool looking cloud / sky vistas
  • Yummy healthy low carb meals
  • Reading library books / ebooks


  1. Yeah! I was just telling Dad that I was sorry your #100HappyDays stretch was over. I looked forward to your posts.

  2. Your posts always make me smile:). I don't get to check in everyday like I used to but I like catching up when I have missed a couple posts. More to read.