Sunday, March 29, 2015

Day 9

A full day out at camp and it went really well from my standpoint, as I tried not to get too worried about anything and just "enjoy the moment".

Did a lot of walking, my phone's pedometer alerted me of personal best of over 10 miles by the end day. Went on one hike with another mom, the rest was mostly back & forth between events.

Our spaghetti lunch we were responsible for turned out good and only 2 of the garlic bread loaves got a little too toasty. 

Our minimalist "rocket" design won 2nd place in the relay race. We got robbed of 1st by another team that used a more traditional box design which fell apart therefore those boys basically sped through all the relay stops. Oh well.

Was a long day and again the campfire at the end was a welcome sight. 

Day 9
3rd #100happydays

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