Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Day 12

The salad I artfully made for Stew's lunch that morning and how it reminded me of former food prep jobs which weren't as horrible in hindsight as they were at the time.

The green tea and fruit salad I make most mornings when I am eating healthy.

Cyrus being cute (freckles!) with huge jawbreaker lollipop he bought himself at his zoo field trip.  He doesn't like ice cream (the horror!) but is a hard/chewy candy fiend.

Bagging my can of Diet Pepsi like this in between pouring over a cup of ice reminds of my mom.

Day 12
3rd #100happydays

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  1. The company which sends me my CPAP supplies also sent me a blue plastic cap that fits nicely on pop cans. I use that now if I'm not drinking out of bottles.