Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Day 26

Still tickles me to see Wiley bring home above average reading level scores, since that was a "concern" way back when.

Milo draws funny comics on the backs of some of his school papers, this robot says (and wears a shirt that says it) "I love cake!" 

Successfully washed the pool green out of Cyrus's hair using baking soda paste. Wish I had thought to take a before pic. Was only about an inch or so at the roots so I didn't notice it until Tuesday morning right before loading up for school, and grateful Cyrus didn't seem to mind, i.e. he went to school that way for 2nd day in row!

Day 26
3rd #100happydays

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  1. We used lemon juice to get the green out of Amy's hair who "wasn't going to school like this." Blondes don't have fun all the time.