Saturday, May 23, 2015

Day 64

Yesterday was a long day, the first of the he-is-ready-to-go, vigil stage, so as part of "the watch" you lose all sense of time or sense for self-care. But in the morning when he was still sleeping in the bedroom, I sat with my coffee and looked through the church register book from 1982. I remember looking in this book when I was young and being proud of my family and my lineage. Starting with Lawrence Dargin from Ireland, to my Great Grandpa Richard Dargin,  to my Grandpa David Dargin and then Dad, who was given the names of his grandfathers before him- Larry Richard, and who was trusted with responsibility of taking care of the Dargin land. It is hard to see him struggling now when he has been such a strong independent always outdoors fixing something Dad, but I try to let him know he did a good job and we all love him.

Also our friend Laura stopped by with a plate of her Magic Bars and they are REALLY GOOD.

Day 64
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