Monday, June 08, 2015

Day 80

Milo helped himself to cereal & climbed counter to find a bowl, grabbing one which was like twice size of regular bowl.

When we asked Mom for things to do to help her out she put boys to work deadheading peonies. Plus we got rid of 60+ boxes of unused* peritoneal dialysis supplies.

While clearing that space in basement & gathering recyclables we unearthed one of Dad's style graffiti- "never fear, LD's here." :)

Day 80
3rd #100happydays

*(See Mom's comment below, we couldn't reuse it or give it to someone else legally, so we recycled it as best we could.)

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  1. We did our best to find a way that the unopened supplies could be used by someone else. Officially, once delivered, they are considered used or possibly contaminated. We are recycling the cardboard boxes.