Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Day 89

Stayed up until after midnight to finish this book, and it ended up being the only picture I took yesterday (still very slow going & in post-trip-omg-school-is-out shock), so this counts as my Tuesday happy thing.

Uncle Owen recommended to mom who then asked Stew to read it (since she knew it would bother him) and then I snagged it to read on the plane.  I thought it was compelling enough to power read and the concept (internet/social media takes over everything) is really freaky. Reviews on goodreads are polarized, either people like it because it is believable & freaks them out (us), or they totally pan it because picky about his writing, lack of research (?) and IMO they feel like they were being made fun of.

Day 89
3rd #100happydays

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