Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Day 3 (4)

Milo built a spinning top out of Lego and also a jungle habitat for his pterodactyl & swamp creature. I like it when he builds "outside of the box."

Wiley is reading a book that isn't a graphic novel!

Cyrus was playing around with Photobooth & iMovie making "magic" by recording something and then editing it to play in reverse.

Tired of a canker sore on my inner lip, I googled home remedy and found one I hadn't tried yet that seemed to getting glowing reviews online... alum powder. Basically it stings like hell but is supposed to dry out the sore and cure it overnight.  Well, it does feel different I guess? Maybe less sore.  Haven't tried eating anything with tomato in it yet to see if still food sensitive.

Day 3
4th #100happydays

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