Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Day 44 (4)

These last days of summer vacation, home with kids, are tough. For introverts, or at least for this one, it is around this many days (80+) of constant prolonged exposure to other people, even your own kids, when limits are reached. Even with regular exercise & taking time for myself throughout the day, I am still having to dig deep and try to take a "sacred pause" before I explode from irritation over the most innocent of requests. 

But at least I am not resorting to escape with drugs (pot) or alcohol (wine, beer, etc.) as I have in the past, and for that I am grateful (and proud enough to wear a DARE to Say No shirt non-ironically). In the past 500+ days I have learned that you have to experience all feelings and make it through uncomfortable times in order to truly appreciate the "happy" stuff. 

Day 44
4th #100happydays 

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