Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Day 51 (4)

Milo's shaggy summer surfer hair is cute as was his attempt to upstage his Dad & Cyrus in the magnetic ball piercing game.

Milo & I looked for a new backpack online (having lost an eBay auction for a cool shark one the night before), and found this cool Minecraft Creeper one. Plus this listing said it was located in US and would arrive by Friday, compared to several other listings which were more expensive & shipped from China. Well once we bought it, it turns out seller IS in US but still has to get item from China. So I called him on his bullshit misrepresentation and he offered an almost 30% discount/refund. So while it wasn't perfect transaction & still need to cross fingers it does indeed arrive w/in a month (!), I am proud of myself for having the magnetic balls to complain (not a strong point of mine). My gut reaction was to cancel purchase but since Milo had already been screwed out of one backpack I didn’t want a repeat, and he said he was willing to wait for it. Also I kind of think the seller wanted me to cancel since now I will have gotten a pretty sweet deal since after my purchase he revised his listing (to add bit about ship from China) AND he raised the price on remaining units by $10. 

Day 51
4th #100happydays 

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