Saturday, September 12, 2015

Day 76 (4)

Friday gets 3 collages, as it was the last full day of my little here-to-help "vacation" so I took more memento photos.

The first is an ode to cheaty foods since I will be going back to my normal diet once back in NC. On our daily commute out to the farm, we tried out 3 different fast food breakfast offerings this past week, with Taco Bell being the last and the least healthy (but good).  None of us had had Oreo Thins so we got those to try (also good). Then mom sent us home with "Thank You" money early enough to treat ourselves to dinner & DQ dessert (always yummy).

The second collage is from our walk out the field road. I asked Cathy to get a picture of me by the corn to show how tall it is. We had to weave through a couple rows to get to the windmill area. A big contrast from when we were here in June for Dad's funeral and the corn was ankle height.

And third collage shows our tribute to Dad, as during the week we came across several old pairs of his work boots and over-shoes. He had been known to hang boots over gates or fling them onto roofs, so we did the same in memorial. Getting a boot to stay on a roof is harder than you'd think, but is fun while trying... which is an observance that wraps up this past week nicely.

Day 76
4th #100happydays 

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