Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Day 87 (4)

Was a nice morning for a run, there was a cool breeze, almost verging on a full out "wind" which is exciting because it is rarely ever windy down there, something I miss from Iowa.  Later that afternoon one of the deck chairs even got blown over on to the spool table and I took a picture because it reminded me of that "we will rebuild" meme where people post pictures of fallen chairs after like a "strong" storm (or "big" earthquake, I remember that, I felt it in NC!) mocking how little damage actually happened compared to other real actual nasty storms and their resulting damage footage & media storm.   

Oh and also before that thrilling wind damage, I stopped during my morning run to take a picture of the peanut field, which has been tilled up and I guess is ready to harvest here one of these days.  I think they do it by hand?  At least I remember seeing a couple guys out there all bent over last year, but they may have just been a clean-up crew. I can't imagine walking a whole field bent over hand picking all those tons of peanuts.  Oh look of course you can find video of peanut harvest machinery on YouTube.  

Day 87
4th #100Happydays

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