Thursday, September 24, 2015

Day 88 (4)

Wednesday was a good example of classic stay-at-home-mom-ness... starting off with Wiley forgetting to bring a group assignment back in with him (that game board pictured) so I was like oh I will just go home and run it in to you. So I did that, leaving it in the office with receptionist (pausing to say the Pledge of Allegiance during the morning announcements).
Then I had a couple errands to do in town so I just headed that way to Scout Store and the bank and then stopped by library but they didn't have the books shelved even though the website said they did so I just put them on hold. Once back home I did my delayed by an hour dog walk & yoga and ate my smoothie. By then it was almost time to get ready to go get kids and since I had offered to help a working  Scout mom & pick her kids up (early out / half day) I did some quick vacuuming and boys bathroom cleaning. After back with 5 kids I tried staying pleasant and wasn't too hard as they were actually being good and doing home work, I guess to impress the guest kids. I even helped Wiley color pencil in the rest of that game board assignment. After 4 when the two guest boys left things kind of unraveled but hey at least it was something.

Day 88
4th #100happydays 

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