Thursday, October 15, 2015

Three+ Happy Things

This picture makes me smile, despite me seeing some flaws / body image issues, I actually think I look fine... plus it helps that I remember that pictured smile being very authentic as it was taken at the end of my first Booty Barre class last week. The instructor shared it on her Facebook today to promote the class so I downloaded it to share here. Yay. I went again today and maybe she went a little lighter on me as I didn't sweat as much (though I did get smart and wore my Buff headband this time)... but I had the same 'whee that was hard but fun' buzz after so bet I will feel sore again (in a good way) tomorrow!

On Tuesday we got these cute pumpkins in the mail from mom...

And yesterday I finished my second hat of the season, the toned down with higher brim version. I think it turned out cute and may make a couple more in other color variations. But first I need to finish a quick skull cap for Cyrus to wear to flag football in his team colors of white/yellow/green. 

Of course I also need to finish the kitchen painting project and I have 5 library books to read too but whatever I guess there is no rush really, which is nice. My recent/ongoing study & practice of mindfulness is really helping me chill out more and stop/pause the lost-in-thought downward spiral that can happen when life is busy. Plus crochet is very zen for me so I guess it makes sense that I have picked it up again amidst the 31 Days of Mindfulness Summit. A recent speaker, Sam Harris, at first seemed cocky & w/ content & name drops over my head, but then I detached from that judgement and what he was saying started to be really deep. 
***you are not your thoughts***  
***there is no spoon*** 


  1. Hi Sandy. This is the tail I was talking about this summer.

  2. Hi Sandy. This is the tail I was talking about this summer.

  3. I think you look FANTASTIC! Are you married?