Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Day 100 (4) & Moving Forward

Yay, so I've made it to 100 Days for a fourth time, essentially documenting over a year of phone camera captured (or screenshot) "happy things."  And what it really boils down to is being grateful for small daily joys or productive achievements or meeting goals, etc. So now that I have a good feel for practicing gratitude I will most likely keep it up, but in terms of this blog, not in such a Day Count way, more in an organic/instantaneous way. 

And what I am moving on to, or adding to the mix, is now the practice of mindfulness, which I have alluded to on Day 93 when I shared how I had started doing short guided meditations at least twice a day. I have kept it up this past week and am really getting into it, even going solo and just doing it on my own with a 15 minute timer set. It is almost like taking a nap but staying awake for it. One time I even started crying, but in a good way. Except I was crabby the rest of the day so maybe not...

Anyway I will share more as I go along (trying to catch up and get in on the 31 Days Mindfulness Challenge) but for now I will wrap up Day 100 by explaining the image above, which is from a "Mindfulness Bell" App that I downloaded a couple days ago when looking for zen chime/bell sounding phone tones.  This bell isn't a ringtone but a little app that you can set to have ring a "silver bowl" throughout the day in order to pause and reflect on what you are doing/feeling at that time. So far I have it set to ring about every half hour which is a nice way to realize oh crap I've been sitting here close to 30 minutes already? 

Day 100
4th #100happydays 

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