Monday, December 28, 2015

Burning Off Crazy

Well here we are, in the stretch between Christmas and New Years... Stew went back to work this morning and it is still warm and now raining again.  All the kids want to do is stare at screens all day.  I am trying to stay positive, and enforce "brain breaks" throughout the day, which is typically when the craziness happens.  

Speaking of craziness, one advantage of having the air conditioning turned back on in the house is that I can wear this new awesome hoodie that my sister gave me.  

The other day I wore it all day and burned quite a bit of crazy off by working on these little crochet thread snowflakes, trying out one pattern 4 times in descending metal hook sizes.  Then found another two patterns online.  

This one (smaller one at top) is either one made my Grandma Long or her mother, which I found when digging around upstairs for smaller hooks.  So I tried recreating it w/o pattern just by sight and think I got close (bigger one below).   I will probably try to "stiffen" these using a fabric stiffener and use as ornaments or make a mobile.  We may not be getting any snow but I can make my own...

Another gift I have been enjoying are these wireless headphones I got from Stew and the boys.  They work nicely for listening to zen stuff, music or guided meditations, while crocheting or walking dogs or sorting laundry, etc. without having to lug my phone and wired earbuds all around the house.  Also an unexpected bonus is they can be used for hands-free phone calls too.  Not that I am talking on the phone a lot, but still.


  1. Love the T-shirt. Thanks again for the mermaid tale she loved it.

  2. Love the T-shirt. Thanks again for the mermaid tale she loved it.