Saturday, December 19, 2015

Coping Using Food and Humor

Crunch time begins and I am coping by way of food and humor.  Remember last time I was moaning about how warm the weather had been and it feels all wrong to me for December / Christmas spirit, but at least I liked still being able to wear flip flops?  Well, light bulb went off and I decided to add some Christmas flair to a pair of red & black flip flops that had been lying around in the boy stuff.  I did a quick google to see if anyone else had used crochet to add bling to flip flops and of course someone had.  So I followed that loosely and then added a pompom for my center pop.  LOL.  I have worn them to go pick up the boys from school every day this past week.  Haven't gotten around to painting my toenails red but that is next.  Right now it has cooled down a little, back in 50s, but we are suppose to be up in 70s again by Christmas Day.

Thursday I quick made another pair to take as a hostess gift when I went to a cookie exchange.  Do you know how hard it is to find flip flops in December?  Even down in the South?  Eventually found some on clearance on a bottom shelf of two different Dollar General stores.  I followed same idea as with my pair expect added some curly ribbon to match the black/white stripe on this pair. 

For my treats to take to that party I wanted to do both a "savory" and a "sweet" so I googled savory Christmas snack and I think these Baked Cheddar Crackers came up on someone's Pinterest board.  I liked that they were star shaped as that seemed fitting to Christmas.  I suppose I could have used one of the Christmas cookie cutters I already had but was really hooked on the star shape, which of course I did not have.  And yet again, I could not find a star cookie cutter at the few different places I'd been looking for the flip flops... So I improvised and just ended up cutting star shapes out with a knife by tracing a tin foil star.  I thought they turned out really good taste wise, and I made another batch Friday.  I was heavy on the cheese and used garlic salt, minced onion (instead of powders which I didn't' have) and added crushed red pepper flakes to make more savory.  With the second batch I used an actual 2" star cookie cutter that I finally found in the party aisle of WalMart.  They turned out good and are much easier to mindlessly pop in your mouth in that smaller size. 

For my sweet treat I made a batch of "Slutty Brownies" which I had made once before for Milo's birthday.  To Christmas-ize them I put festive cookie sprinkles on top.  They are yummy too. Too yummy...

And finally, since Wiley had told me my two green lit bushes with the lit up Stewartville sign looked like a frowny face from the road, I went a head and added to red eye balls.  This cracks me up.  

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